Thanks to the generosity of businesses and community members, we surpassed our $200,000 Fall fund drive goal, raising $250,000 this past Fall.  We are especially grateful to employees at Jefferson Healthcare and the Port Townsend Paper Mill for their support!  Donations from The Mill and Jefferson Healthcare account for more than a quarter of UGNs Annual Campaign.  The 2016 Annual Campaign raised more than $300,000!

Support to the UGN Community Fund Supports Local Nonprofits! When community members make a financial contribution to UGN, their contributions are pooled to provide a funding source for local nonprofits.   Each year, this community fund supports health and human service programs that keep people housed, nourish and support our children and elders, and provide access to the services members of our community need to get back on their feet.  A  volunteer committee convenes each Spring to recommend how the these funds will be distributed.

UGN Donation Dollars Change Lives!

Deborah Stinson, Port Townsend Mayor, knows first-hand how the UGN community funds benefits the community:

In my own experience ECHHO [a UGN funded Organization] has been a reliable safeguard against unspeakable alternatives.  Especially in those moments when thinking is distracted by crisis, the ready presence of ECHHO has provided answers when we could barely formulate the questions.  Over the years, six members of my family have received needed equipment without hesitation.  There is no third-party evaluation, no qualifying application, no waiting period or time limits, and in one case, the volunteer was there to assist late at night in the pouring rain.

Life happens, and it sometimes brings unpleasant surprises.  No matter how well-prepared we try to be, the unforeseen still manages to arrive. Crisis and difficulty are no respecters of status, they are equal opportunity offenders; and it’s comforting to know that a helping hand is available to deal with them.

You can learn more about United Good Neighbors and the 21 organizations that receive funding support by visiting our partner page.

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