banner-makingchange2016UGN officially kicked off the Fall Fund Drive with our annual Day of Caring event on September 16.  As a caring community member, you can help us reach the $200,000 goal for the Fall Fund Drive and ensure that we achieve our overall goal of $350,000 in 2016!

We have a fairly substantial group of donors and every little bit helps. The organizations that are being helped by this are often fairly lean organizations and every dollar that they get means a lot to them.  Ken Dane, Interim Director

UGNs fundraising efforts continue year-round and gifts come in a variety of ways: as one-time gifts, monthly donations, annual pledges and payroll deductions.  In the summer we launched a fundraising effort to raise $40,000 specifically for mental and behavioral health services for youths in Jefferson County.  This was our first time focusing an appeal for donations on a specific area. Though we fell short of the $40,000 goal, we did raise twice the donation dollars than received in past appeals.

Our Workplace campaigns are a substantial part of our fundraising success.  In 2015, the largest private employer in Jefferson County, Port Townsend Paper Corp., and the largest public employer, Jefferson Healthcare, accounted for the largest percentage of workplace donations. The two employers teamed up and together their employees contributed $60,000.  PTPC matched employee contributions for an additional $15,000. Three school districts combined forces in 2015 and raised $5,000.  UGN workplace campaigns represent 20 percent of the total dollars raised by UGN, but there has been a decline in workplace giving in recent years, reflecting a similar decline in workplace campaigns experienced by United Ways across the country, according to UGN officials.

In 2016 we will step up our fundraising efforts!

This year it is  important for the fall fund drive to go well.  In 2015 we fell short of our fundraising goal, achieving $287,000 in donations.    UGN is the only organization in Jefferson County that funds a broad safety net of programs and services in Jefferson County so reaching our 2016 goal is crucial.

To reach our goal, we are stepping up our fundraising efforts.  UGN campaign committee members are preparing plans to meet with community members, business owners, community groups, and clubs.  We are eager to meet with you!  If you are interested in meeting with UGN ambassadors, please call UGN at 385-3797.

Your Donation Matters!  Your contribution to the Fall Fund Drive will ensure continued funding support for essential health and human service programs in our community .  We invite you to consider increasing your gift in 2016.  Or you can join our growing community of monthly donors with a gift of $5, $10 or $25 each month.  Watch for you Fall Fund Drive brochure to arrive in your mail box in early October.  The Fall Fund Drive continues through December, but your early contribution will bring on smiles!  Or, make your gift online.  Just click the donate button below.  You can Make Change and Change Lives!





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