2017 UGN Grant Applications

United Good Neighbors’ mission is “To mobilize the caring power of donors, volunteers, organizations and the community to improve the lives of people in need.”   We are the primary community led umbrella funding resource  for local nonprofits who are providing a safety net of services and programs that meet the needs of our seniors, youth, families and neighbors.

Our greatest single vehicle for accomplishing our mission is the UGN grant application and allocation process.  Every year, UGN Annual Campaign secures donations from businesses and community members all over Jefferson County which are allocated to health and human service organizations as the result of the UGN grant application and allocations process.

Non-Profits providing services in our County may apply for grant funding from UGN to help them fund programs meet the health, safety, and human service needs in our county.  Any 501(c)3 health and human service program may become certified and apply for UGN funding.

How To Apply for UGN Funding:

Step 1: CERTIFICATION APPLICATION (for First-time applicants or applicants that have not received UGN funding for three or more years)

If you are first Time Applicant or are applying again after not receiving funding in the last three years  you need to complete a Certification Application prior to submitting your Grant Application.  Certification allows an agency to qualify as an applicant for funding by:

  • ensuring that you meet a genuine health or human service need in Jefferson County
  • that you serve Jefferson County residents
  • and that you have sound financial and business practices.

The 2017 CERTIFICATION APPLICATION is due on or before 5 pm on Monday, January 16, 2017.  Please email  to debbie@WeAreUGN.org  You will be informed, by email, no later than Friday the 20th as to your eligibility to apply for Allocations funding.


UGN Grants are considered for individual programs and the documentation should be specific to the program for which the application is written.

The 2017 UGN GRANT APPLICATION is due  on or before 5 pm on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.  Please email to debbie@WeAreUGN.org

Click on the link below to go to access the applications you need.  Save the document to your own computer, fill it out with all of the accompanying documentation and then email back to debbie@WeAreUGN.org.

ATTENTION: UGN will accept electronic copies via email only.  Please do not bring in or mail in a hard-copy of your application.