Donor Designation Policy

Most donors prefer United Good Neighbors’ convenient, one-step way to help others by directing that UGN take their donation to be used where it is most needed.  This most fully mobilizes the caring power of our community to meet the most critical needs of our neighbors through annual UGN Grants to the Non-Profit agencies who are providing those services. This is our hope when you give to UGN.

If you wish to designate support a specific non-profit agency we encourage you to donate to them directly, rather than through UGN.  In the fall 2018 we will be rolling out an exciting new on-line opportunity called “Give Jefferson” where you will find a Grants Catalog with the opportunity to donate directly to the Non-Profit of your choice.

Donors who give through workplace giving, to designated agencies, should know that their contributions will be paid directly to the agency, during January of the following calendar year.