Donor Designation Policy

Most donors prefer United Good Neighbors’ convenient, one-step way to help others by directing that UGN take their donation to be used where it is most needed.  This most fully mobilizes the caring power of our community to meet the most critical needs of our neighbors through UGN Grants to the Non-Profit agencies who are providing those services.

Whether you invest in our Community by directing UGN to give where your dollar is most needed, or by designating a portion of your gift specifically to a one or more of our partner agencies, you do so with the confidence that UGN will ensure that your donation is invested where it will have the greatest impact.

If you choose to direct all or a portion of your gift to areas of special concern to you, the following procedures apply:

  • A minimum amount of $100 is required for each separate agency designated. You may designate as many agencies as you wish, but each must be a 501c3 charitable organization.
  • In the event a designation received is less than the $100 minimum, the funds will be distributed by UGN to meet the needs of the overall community through the UGN Grants Allocation process.
  • A 10% fee for administration will be deducted on those designations to the UGN partner organizations listed in our brochure and on our website.
  • If a donor wishes to give to another specific 501c3 organization*, a 15% fee for administration will be deducted.

*Please note that UGN cannot certify the financial or program viability of agencies for programs not listed as one of our partner organizations.

  • Donations to designated agencies will be paid directly to the agency, less the administrative fee, during January of the following calendar year.