2017 Day of Caring Project: Jumping Mouse

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Since 1999, Jumping Mouse Children’s Center has helped kids heal through expressive mental health therapy. In a warm, homelike environment, children confront past and present hurts and discover lasting resolutions.

At the 2017 Day of Caring, volunteers helped weed and spruce up the Center.  Thanks to the Noon Rotary Club for participating. Rotarian James Lagergeren spoke to the value of Jumping Mouse to the community:

“I believe in their mission,” Lagergeren said, “I can empathize with kids who are coming from situations that aren’t entirely functional. The fact that we have social services like this here (in JeffCo) is part of what makes this community such a great place to live”.

Pictured above: Amy Howard, Executive Director of the Boiler Room, and Kris Becker, Executive Director of Jumping Mouse.

Volunteers Pat Vaughn and Gwen Howard

Volunteer James Lagergeren

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